Air Force 1

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Air Force 1 cheap nike shoes has been fundamental for Nike technology exquisite workmanship. Is precisely based on this, "the first six" footwear and clothing follow Air Force 1 series products set by general guiding principles. In addition, there are six pairs of specially designed Air Force 1 Lo, sports shoes, respectively adopt  nike air max "first six people" portraits of each member in the decoration heraldry. "First six people" an important clothing design element is respectively hold each member stadium style of descriptive language, this method can make the original six "influences the AF1 cultural  Cheap Nike 2013 spirit clear down effectively. Moses Malone given the Air Force 1 grand temperament, the durability of the shoes is inspired by jamaal Wilkes, Michael cooper, show a kind of driving Force continuously to a higher realm beyond. "First six people" Michael Thompson nike free run  stadium style in the heroic posture, best embodies the AF1 while the continuity of the sneakers in bobby Jones stadium style the best proof. And best interprets the  Nike Air Max 90nature of Air Force 1 purity is "Calvin in the first six" knight, his command of the game as he touches the sneakers, clean and benefit a lot.