Air Max 180

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25 years ago, cheap nike shoes NIKE with QiDianXie rewrite history. Runners who wear it, immediately there will be a different feeling, however, is the key technology is hidden deep in the foam shoe bottom, is invisible to the consumer. A pure chance, NIKE found that when a designer in checking samples in the foam shoes  nike air maxbottom mezzanine removed from the mold left some rims, when there is a part of the air cushion unit. This discovery changed the face of the industry. NIKE  Cheap Nike 2013 Air Max shoes, released in 1987, symbolized the beginning of visible type technology. Since then, every generation of Air Max shoes, on the basis of before improvement, provides a stronger shock, also reflect a growing ability to innovate. In the end, the revolution  nike free runthrough Air Max 360 launch to complete, this is the first a pair of shoes that no foam in the bottom. Is also based on this new Air Max unit, NIKE footwear designer Andrew Caine produced inspiration, Nike Air Max 90creating revolutionary Air Max180 running shoes