The emergence of the Nike + platform to realize the combination of sports and life in the digital age

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Nike + let more consumers, cheap nike shoes especially young consumers feel movement in life, Nike + users can share on the social platform movement and get help. "We often feel movement it is a very problem for most people, is not willing to do, just thinking of movement in this concept, many people will feel don't want to move on,  nike air max because you would think, to do a lot of things, to prepare a lot of homework, to learn more knowledge, and even go to the sports product store looking for a pair of right shoes. The Nike + will help you to take away all these excuses, Nike + is a computing model and new measuring unit" arg ", it's more like a currency calculated exercise, but Nike + measure Cheap Nike 2013 your activity, and finally give you a suggestion, you can through the Nike + set daily goals, you can also look for you every hour activity is how to change, whether can you had set activity goal. Eventually, these data can be placed on the Nike + platform to nike free run share." Huang Xiangyan said. Nike + sport will become a part of the consumer lifestyle, from this perspective, Huang Xiangyan believe that Nike + is a subversive significance of Nike innovation products. "See the Nike + Fuelband has so many followers, especially in China, if the movement can become a way of life of people, if your consumer groups for your creative and Nike Air Max 90 interested in your product, and then to enjoy the sport, the meaning is very different for Nike." Hope that through the Nike Nike, Nike + transfer to understand consumers, know what happened in their lives, what you need of this information. In Huang Xiangyan view, though it is a sports brand Nike, but he lives closer to the average consumer. "I think it is very important for a brand. Because if a brand doesn't know how consumer life, don't know how to help them solve the problem, don't know how to let them can enjoy products or products bring more added value, then it would not be a leadership brand."