Flexibility and speed:

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Ladder pace and bar cheap nike shoes pace training is a highlight of this experience, at the foot of the ladder step focuses on training move frequency, bar a pace training steps is positioning and movement speed. China streetball first Wu You mentioned after the experience: "my teammates and I are very have an advantage  nike air max  in flexibility and speed, in training, I recommend choose professional training shoes, like Nike Trainer today 1.2 Mid, it is much more light than basketball shoes, Cheap Nike 2013 and elasticity is moderate, suitable for intensive pace moving and jumping." The ball training: training area in possession, ma jian experience for all the guidance. Through interaction with ma jian, we also have more useful skills, from the king of the radio Beijing vision said: "ma jian at present are also actively engaged in basic education, his understanding of basketball nike free run training and equipment technology is profound. The ball training is compulsory for every people who love basketball, and he emphasized the concept of systematic dress with everybody today is also very reasonable, believe that through the experience  Nike Air Max 90 of today, we will in future training pays attention to the choice of professional training and equipment."