JORDAN 8.0 "light" new transformation

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Relative to the "air cheap nike shoes Jordan" series of those people see people love hot style, "Joe 8" slightly heavy and complicated, heavy design  nike air max styles in shoes fans belong to aizeng clear. But the next JORDAN brand "refurbished" project is likely to reshape you impression of 8 "Joe". Adhering to  Cheap Nike 2013 the AIR JORDAN ALPHA 1 upgrade concept, this kind of JORDAN 8.0 in shape of the maximum retained the verve of the original, whether it's crossing a nike free run  drawstring or followed by a color bar decoration echo of TPU retainer slice all the classic elements of the original, while the "flying line" science and technology of thin shoes surface is  Nike Air Max 90 reflected the lightweighting of pursuit of the shoes, let more people recognized the new pair of be vividly portrayed the 8 "Joe".