Jordan (China) sports brand

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Jordan (China) co., cheap nike shoes LTD., as Jordan company production base in China, in recent years, China's domestic import brand management, rich brand culture connotation and excellent product quality, rich individual character characteristic product series, in China, has built up a good brand image and cheap nike air max franchise monopoly system, becomes popular with Chinese consumers favorite international well-known sports brand. Nothing is absolute AIR JORDAN to JORDAN (China) AD (AIR JORDAN, the American college of sports brand) today, the NIKE have 33 years of history, a pair of sports shoes from NIKE in 1972 produced the first Bruin, to today's changing Cheap Nike air max 95 technology, NIKE in the 33 years, through the ups and downs,And casting is brilliant of its other brands. In 1985, Michael JORDAN with high pay contract was then still small manufacturer of sporting goods maker NIKE signed up to, JORDAN and NIKE then also  nike free run 5 for launched the shoe named after "JORDAN" in the first paragraph of the article, that is AIR JORDAN series of the first paragraph: NIKE AIR JORDAN I, although the sneakers have strange color and new science and technology at that time, but who ever thought that Nike Air Max 2013 this would be the beginning of a myth. Who no matter from brand name degrees, or technology is far more better than the former.