NIKE ads blog, group influence

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Blog, has now  cheap nike shoesbecome a major advertisers. Gawker Media, a running blog about cultural and political aspects, recently won contracts from Nike. Recently a column, the site meeting topic is "the art of speed".  nike air maxWill last about a month through a series of about fifteen short film to promote Nike. Concrete is provided by Gawker media products division of the new layout, comments, links, and other functions. "Now many people are interested in this emerging Media form", Cheap Nike 2013  Gawker Media's publisher, said: "in addition, there are some people trying to further participate in to this emerging independent Media industry. Although Nike fifteen short film about this without too much control on the content, but bloggers wonder whether the content of the this business relationship can cause the interest of others. A company called" I want  nike free run"Media, the publisher of Patrick Phillips said:" I doubt whether many Internet users will be interested in watching ads on blog sites. "Gawker Media monthly visits to about 40-700000 people. Nike's CEO, said:" the key is not just a number, the more important is quality. We chose an appropriate group to do propaganda. Because people see Gawker Media not only  Nike Air Max 90creative, and has good social relationship, they may not too much, but the key is that they are a very influential group. "