Nike air Jordan hall opened, vocal

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As one of Nike's cheap nike shoes market development strategy, Nike signed many big stars in the NBA, creating exclusive for its war boots, such as Jordan, kobe Bryant and lebron James. And Nike and Jordan's cooperation is has a long history, in 1985, cheap nike air maxJordan with high pay contract was still small manufacturer of sporting goods maker Nike signed, followed for Nike Jordan launched the shoe Cheap Nike air max 95named after "Jordan" in the first paragraph of the article, the first generation of "Air Jordan". This shoe was strange color and novel technology, and has never started a myth. Today, "Air Jordan" series is still one of the most popular basketball shoes series, it is like basketball  nike free run 5shoes "concept car" in the industry, to encourage the industry to design and development.Basically every star, after signing a contract with Nike at Nike headquarters have a belongs to own exhibition hall. Each exhibition hall will display some souvenirs Nike Air Max 2013related to the star. But there is no doubt that Jordan's the exhibition hall is definitely the most dramatic in history.