Nike and Jordan: celebrity boat. Can

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Nike is a classic cheap nike shoes  of its successful cases of cooperation with Jordan. In the 20th century, the nineties, professional athletes were like a hero worship, invest a lot of money, so Nike please successful, charismatic famous athletes as an cheap nike air max endorsement of a product, is the pyramid image promotion strategy. Number of top athletes are minimal, but has a strong radiation. Cheap Nike air max 95Using athletes to promote products of more than Nike, but only the Nike doing the most successful.As people life quality and the enhancement of health consciousness, the sportswear also become an important part of in the apparel industry. Today, both in professional sports equipment and daily leisure sports clothing reflects the fashion and sports elements integration, at the same nike free run 5  time the mainstream fashion was also injected vitality of the movement. Nike (Nike) is occupied the most market share in the sports brand, it through the cooperation with the top athletes in the world to create the enormous influence, at the  Nike Air Max 2013same time he also pull close the distance between athletic sports and mass consumers, create fashion and sports fusion concept of life.