NIKE NIKE basketball training day mouth and streetball talent gathered

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Training cheap nike shoes day activities initiated by the NIKE NIKE basketball stadium luster sports center held in Beijing. Beijing media with the king of basketball famous mouth horse chongyang, vision and talent streetball Wu You and others gathered in secret weapon by Nike provides the personalized Nike Pro nike air max Core and new type of comprehensive training shoes Nike Trainer 1.2 mids, sports academy of sciences in Beijing, former national basketball player ma jian and athletic trainers may meet the basketball special physical training under the guidance of experience. Competitive from ongoing training, raising the level of basketball sports, for example, by the method Cheap Nike 2013 of scientific system of physical training to the athlete's comprehensive quality upgrading has become one of the most popular training methods. As the first Chinese  nike free run players to the NBA you have to represent, ma jian said: "physical fitness is the basis of race, foreign players regardless of age and level, physical training is a compulsory course of every day, talent and skills alone are not up to fight." Group interaction: itemized experience at the event, experience is divided into explosive area, flexibility and speed and ball training area three parts. Nike Air Max 90  All experience is divided into three groups, by horse chongyang, king, Wu You as a leader of the group with the experience.