Nike slogan "who have Nike, who knew the sports!"

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Consumers have a cheap nike shoes certain impact. In the 1980 s, Nike want their products into the ordinary people from the track and gymnasium. So we must adjust the advertising strategy. Facts have proven that Nike AD reform cheap nike air maxsuccess, not only for its won the market and consumers, more important is to Nike in change, gradually mastered the advertising communication with ordinary people art, formed a unique advertising ideas and strategies: must be committed to communication, Cheap Nike air max 95rather than sales.Example: in 1986 a propaganda Nike air insoles advertisement is a real breakthrough. Television advertising become the main "spokesman" of Nike, a move that makes Nike ads more able to adapt themselves to the new product market. Nike logo  nike free run 5appears in subway stations, streets, laundry room, on the bus, the escalator. Fast growth company market share and therefore the forehead, for the first time more than reebok company become American shoes market new overlord. This makes the reebok company Nike Air Max 2013 has to follow suit - emphasize communication style and function is more than just products.