Nike is a very "tide" brand,

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Every subversive  cheap nike shoes innovation from Nike Nike do things more willing to return to the origin. Nike product innovation has always been the purpose of each style for athletes to provide better products and experiences. Concepts  nike air max can be narrow professional athletes athletes here, also can be every ordinary people love sports. Nike is one of the earliest products Nike + iPod + hope  Cheap Nike 2013 to music and running together, let the athletes more like running the campaign, so why not share to professional athletes to provide services to the general consumers? Based on this idea, just had a series of Nike + platform for the general consumer products. When Nike in  nike free run the design of each product is the root of first back to design. Nike didn't imagine from the beginning to face what consumers and increase. Huang Xiangyan explained, "we always believe that Nike is a brand of the movement. For example, in apple's iPhone, the iPad before, Nike Air Max 90 we don't think it is a very stylish, fashionable, but the design let the apple computer company and is no longer just a technology company."