NIKE Zoom Air

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In aggregate is  cheap nike shoes zoom air itself is a cushion, have shock cushioning properties of air cushion, but joined the middle end fixed nylon fiber supporting materials up and down, during the suspension can be stretched to increase the fiber itself tension to prevent mechanical parts continue nike air max to crumple, so zoom air in such a short distance, to provide outstanding ability to shock and then forced back to the fibers to increase the tension balance when the length of the compressed air makes the originally Cheap Nike 2013 mechanical parts air pressure increases with the rebound, so has a surprisingly elasticity and feedback. If has ordinary air suspension principle, nike free run mainly is for not mechanical parts volume increased, tension produced by plastic skin expansion, to provide the reply elasticity, and zoom air in addition to also have plastic skin tension, more a  Nike Air Max 90 lot of nylon fiber, so the reply is more outstanding than ordinary air speed and flexibility