Nike's consumption "myth"

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Many consumers around the cheap nike shoes world because of wearing Nike and felt so honor. Hong Kong in April 1991, journal of hkej financial reports: the United States New York city, some shopkeeper are applied to the authorities, self-defense request approval to use guns to protect personal and property safety. Article  nike air max commented that, in recent years, because of admiration Nike saddle, many teenagers, don't borrow commit theft or even kill people, malignant events have occurred, desperately, the owner had to seek such "self protection"...Nike company also has a "growing myth" : in the 60 s, at the beginning of the company to create, is small, may collapse at any moment. Company's  Cheap Nike 2013two founders cloth wurman and knight should be pluralism, company does not have its own offices and complete management institutions. Nike's global 1985 profits of $13 million, 1994, the company's global turnover of $4.8 billion; Its market share, is more than twice as many came in third in the adidas company, is 24%. Nike's growth pace did not slow down. nike free run In 95 compared with 94, global sales rose 38%, pre-tax profit growth of 55%, Nike company stock prices rising fast, two years ago to $43 a share, up to $103 per share in 95. Many of Wall Street investors and analysts in the 80 s didn't watch the Nike: "Nike not many Nike Air Max 90 basis and prospect of development." Today, give a way: "god like creation myth, so he chose us unexpected Nike."