The slogan of Nike, as Nike + location called with data trigger performance

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Data let person cheap nike shoes have a lot of encouragement, Nike + is to make the movement and life together is a platform. An athlete, there is broad sense and narrow sense, if the know his motion data, it is very easy to motivate.  nike air max If you set for yourself each day activity is 2000 "Nike arg", a period of time, 2000 is the norm for you, you must be transferred to the 2500, because everybody wants to Cheap Nike 2013 be able to stimulate their own potential, especially when the data is Shared. In addition, the Nike + also let some common information of unknown into motivation. Many athletes have their  nike free run sports figures, released on social networks, for example, the NBA star kobe Bryant. Bryant likes in Twitter's own motion data, a lot of fans to challenge his Nike Air Max 90 data. "You don't have to reach Ms. Li, liu xiang and yi that exercise, but the Numbers will definitely inspire you produce pleasure."