When Nike in the youth market and male market foothold firmly,

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Instead focus fire attack  cheap nike shoes women market. Creative advertising planners ms Janet and Charlotte self inward method is used to understand the hearts of women, for women and women's "dialogue" as a major means of  nike air max  communication. Advertising works with high contrast black and white images, background highlight is an intertwined "no", advertising words full of cordiality, meaningful, gentle tone but full of a kind of emotional care and wish: in your life, someone always think you can't do that doesn't do it. In your life, some people always say that you are not very  Cheap Nike 2013 good enough strong enough talents, they also said that not your height weight no health no, won't make a difference. They always said you can't, in your life, they will be thousands of times quickly and firmly say you can't, unless you prove that you do. Advertising is in fashion magazines published in women's love of life. Advertising text is not like a sporting  nike free run  goods dealer sales, more like a women the heart confession, Nike ads advertising reflects the real features: communication, rather than stimulus. The AD a huge success, the advertisement published after the company switchboard room phone ringing constantly, customers make a phone call to talk to many women say: "Nike AD changed my life..." , "I buy Nike, henceforth because you understand me." These results also reflected in sales, sales of Nike women's market growth rate quick put the men's market. Women on the market since the late 80 s Nike Air Max 90  far condition of reebok, Nike changed radically. The research suggests that, in the mentioned rate of the Nike brand and reputation on the market for more than reebok.