Why is this logo so important to Nike's corporate culture?

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Reason is It with cheap nike shoesthe ancient wisdom "Just Do It" (Just Do It) are inseparable. Nike not only sells shoes, it sold is a way of life, that is the key to the success of it. The sign for the heart motivation, as well as the philosophy behind the energy and determination, is related to everyone, no matter whether you athletes. Nike using a type of inspirational language to stimulate consumers. No matter who you are, your nike air max hair or skin color is, what you had physical or social life of the what limited, Nike persuade consumers, you can do it. It tells people to cheer up, grip the steering wheel of life, and to take action. In the "just do it" behind the AD, it is a very American ideology; , however, withCheap Nike 2013  the progress of the globalization, originally is the ideology of thing, became a kind of the world's common desire, eager to have a fair arena, can make people not only in terms of movement, but in every aspect of life is a brief affairs. This can be traced back to the early American frontier spirit, and their desire for success. Nike is undoubtedly will be the nike free run great American dream global marketing, and advocate the work ethic; Nike tell consumers, if you set your mind to, unremitting struggle, you will go beyond others, conquer all things. By this way, it is using people desire for success, Nike also created its own a personalityNike Air Max 90 and attitude. Through the clever use a very simple advertising catch phrase, it succeeded in turning a attitude of life into the sale of goods.